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Some days ago, GC reported that a source had told them that, Becca’s husband Tobi has tagged her a witch and that her own daughter has cut her off. In an exclusive interview currently going on at the time of this publication, Becca’s mom has confirmed that earlier report.

We would update you guys fully when the interview ends but in the meantime, you can also catch up with the interview.

Here are some of the things she’s already said.

  • I was made to sit at the back of my own daughter’s wedding.
  • My daughter’s husband called be me a WITCH
  • Becca has not been communicating with me for months
  • I only got to know my own daughter was pregnant through gossip.
  • Becca’s husband told me, he sometimes does not even speak to his own mother for a year and two.
  • I have been advising her to spend her money wisely

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Watch the ongoing interview below:

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