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“Why only me, George Lutterodt, everyday George Lutterodt, why? “ – Frustrated ‘Counselor’ Lutterodt


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Ghana’s most controversial panelist, Counselor Lutterodt has gotten his ‘Counselor’ tag ripped off by the Ghana Psychological Council. The council released a statement condemning his actions and banned him

Angry Counselor in an interview with Kwesi Aboagye explained that he is a counselor eventhough he didn’t receive his certificate from Ghana Psychological Council. “I am a pastoral counselor. I have certificates, I have learnt and still learning. I was trained by a school but the only challenge is that whatever training you have, it was made clear to us that our certificates cannot run circular”, he said

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“All that’s happening i see it as a vindictiveness; there are other people on TV and Radio calling themselves Counselors but they’ve not written to the Media about them, why only me George Lutterodt , everyday George Lutterodt , why?

So many people have been waiting for this day, for the day Counselor Lutterodt would be off the tv and radio, but he says he is going nowhere.

“Yes they cannot, till I die ban me in this country, never!”

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