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Kofi kinaata visits families of the dead Tadi girls


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On Monday September 16th, the police revealed that the DNA extracted matched the DNA of the kidnapped Takoradi girls

Highlife artiste, Kofi Kinaata, paid a visit to the families of the three dead girls. He said, “If you have followed the news, I have been very vocal about this case and I have granted several interviews on it. I came to Takoradi for an event and thought it wise to visit the families and show my concern, especially after the results have been released”

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Two of the families stated that they were not going to accept the results given to them by the police. They added that they were going to begin their own private investigation. The family of the last girl accepted the results and refused to do an independent DNA test

Kofi Kinaata supported the families in their decisions and promised to help in every way he can

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